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How do I simulate electrical performance?

The simulation tool K-SIM can be used to simulate electrical performance.

Last updated: September 28, 2021

K-SIM is KEMET’s primary component simulation engine and contains a suite of simulation and modeling tools for engineering development. K-SIM has 6 main areas:

Simulate Electrical Performance - Image 1

  1. Home – Information about the tool including tips and release notes.
  2. Capacitor Simulation – Tool used to simulate capacitor performance
  3. Capacitance from Power Calculation – Tool used to calculate the required capacitance for an inverter based on power, frequency, and voltage.
  4. Ceramic Capacitor Aging – Calculator used to determine the effect of aging on a ceramic capacitor.
  5. Film Lifetime – Calculator used to estimate the lifetime in hours of a film capacitor based on operational profiles
  6. Inductor Simulation – Tool used to simulate the behavior of an inductor as well as the relative heating of the inductor in various circuit topologies.

To access K-SIM, follow the instructions below.

  • From any KEMET.com page, scroll to the top of the page.
  • Hover over Design Tools.
  • Click K-SIM Capacitor Simulator.

Electrical Performance - Image 2