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How Do I Read a KEMET Datasheet?

KEMET datasheets generally contain six sections listed below. Follow these steps to read a KEMET datasheet.

Last updated: September 28, 2021

Quick Link: K-SIM Simulation Tool

  1. Overview – a general introduction to the product, capabilities, benefits, target applications and key electrical parameters.
    Datasheet 1
  2. Part Number and Ordering Information – the part number, variances in orderable part numbers and (if applicable) a full listing of all available part numbers and their parametric differences.
    Datasheet 2
  3. Electrical – details the electrical performance data such as maximum and recommended operation conditions, graphs of electrical characteristics, and lifetime information. When a product is supported by our simulation tool K-SIM.  the electrical performance information is contained in the simulation tool instead of in the datasheet. This section of the datasheet has the most variance of information when compared to other product datasheets.
    Datasheet 3
  4. Reflow/Handling – a specified reflow profile description that must be followed to ensure effective soldering, whether through automated reflow, wave soldering, or hand soldering.
    Datasheet 4
  5. Packaging/Marking – Tape and reel information as well as part marking definitions.
    Datasheet 5
  6. Disclaimer/Legal – important legal information that pertains to any applicable terms and conditions.
    Datasheet 6